Kidney stones and the Lord

Well, peeps, for the first time in weeks, I went to church today. But I’m going on record as saying that a girl has a hard time concentrating on anything, never mind the devine, when one is in nagging and massive pain. Here’s the deal: It seems that the practice of drinking way too much caffeine over the years has given me a trifle of gravel in me kidneys, and now the gravel is taking its revenge. By that, I mean that I learned last December that I have a kidney stone, and now it’s whupping my agnostic tush. That may not make sense but this really hurts. It’s nagging and highly distracting, especially (for whatever reason) when one is hanging out on a wooden pew.

Anyhoo, I went to Urban Refuge today, and although I can’t give details because I was really preoccupied, I think I really liked it. Check this out:

One of the main messages that we would like to communicate at our weekend service is our need as a church to bring Shalom to the city. Maybe you’re asking “What is Shalom?”. The common translation for Shalom is the word -Peace. However, it’s broader than that. Shalom refers to peace in all areas of one’s life, so this entails physical, mental and of course spiritual.

Trust me, folks, there will be more about this. I’d like to go back next Sunday, when hopefully this kidney stone business (or whatever it is; I’ve always heard that kidney stones are worse than labor, and while this sucks, it’s nowhere near that) is resolved. Anyway, the above text is from their “about us” statement. Good stuff.

Updated to add: I just read that this church is affiliated with Evergreen Community Church, and that makes me chuckle. Representatives of this church stopped by my house once, long ago, and I still have a water bottle that they gave me. It says “Experience God, Not Religion.” 


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