The Mothership Speaks

I’ve been meaning to post this for some time, but it’s been in sundry e-mails and I hadn’t gotten around to stitching them all into one. My mother and I had a short e-mail conversation about Easter and about religion in general, and I thought readers might appreciate (or at least find interesting!) her thoughts about why she and Dad raised us as they did. This is several e-mails, stitched into one, from that conversation:

I really didn’t remember much about Easter and presents when you kids were little. I remember hiding the eggs in the living room, since it usually was cold as kraut on Easter Sunday morning.

As far as raising you kids without religion, it wasn’t exactly on purpose. If you kids had ever expressed a desire to go to church, I certainly would have seen to it that you got there, like my own mother did. She and your granddad never attended either, except maybe Christmas Eve.

Your Granddad never would go to church because he said when he was a kid, his family went to church “every time they opened the doors!” They were apparently pretty obsessed with it.

I pretty much went because my friends did and for the social life. A minister in college said that was all right, to go for the social part. I suppose he reasoned that it might “take.”

The only time I think there might be a God is when I hear music like today. It was the piano recital of a CU doctoral student and it was fabulous! I’ve never heard the piano played like that! Maybe because there was no orchestra to distract from the piano. This pianist played 6 long, complicated, classical pieces without a note of music in front of him! I had the feeling he could have played indefinitely without music.

I really don’t believe there is a God up there who meddles in people’s lives. If there is, I’m sure going to have some questions for her.

Whatever else you may think of my mom’s thoughts, you’re probably thinking “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Word. 🙂


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