Question of the day:

I was having coffee with someone on Saturday and she asked how on earth we get from the resurrection of Jesus to Peeps. How does a time in the year, which was originally chosen to honor the death and rebirth of Jesus, become a holiday that includes candy and decorated eggs?

If you’re willing to believe Wikipedia, the Passover Seder service includes an egg as a symbol of new life. Persians painted eggs for their New Year celebration, which was on the spring equinox. I guess it’s not surprising that the egg, from which new life came all the time, would get associated with rebirth and the return of spring. It’s one of the strengths of all religion, that it can use simple ideas that everyone understands¬†to explain concepts that are hard to even talk about, never mind understand. But it’s also one of the strengths of literature, and of art.

Anyway, happy Palm Sunday to the Christians; happy Passover to the Jews tomorrow; and happy whatever to the Muslims, since my research into whether there’s a Muslim holiday around this time has been ineffective.


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  1. 1 tobeme April 4, 2007 at 10:07 pm

    The question that your freind asked is a good question. It is important to stop and remember what is being celebrated this week and understand the symbolisim of things like eggs and peeps and chocolate bunnies. Now you have me thinking, why an Easter Rabbit. Time to do some research. My guess is that because rabbits are so prolifric.
    It is good to question what everyone accepts as normal and understand the traditions of Passover and Easter.

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