I think we can all agree that colds, nasty winters, and sprained knees are no fun. But it sure is fun to recover from them. I feel better and I feel kind of giddy about that. Next up: Sleeping well at night and minimal nose-blowing! Hee.

Anyway, enough about the healing power of TV and slacking off. I looked a little further into the idea of a mystery religion, since that was mentioned in the Wikipedia entry about esoteric Christianity. Wikipedia suggests that early Christianity may have originally been a mystery religion, which revealed secret knowledge to initiates, that eventually departed from that form to become what it is today.

Religion often interests me because it is also unrevealed history. Leaving aside the parts of it that are sacred to its followers, every religion is also history. Whatever happened to inspire Muhammad to dictate the Koran, there were events that surrounded it, followed it, and even obscured it or shaped it. I believe the same is true of every religion, even if there are many adherents who wish to deny that because of the difference they see between historical time and sacred time. But most of that history is clouded by the amount of time that has passed and the interpretations of those events that have sometimes obscured what “really” happened.

What happened to Noah’s Ark? What was the point of Macchu Picchu? Why do the Mayans think the world will end in 2012? This is my point. At some point, history is a mystery, and that’s part of the appeal for me.


1 Response to “Ahhhh.”

  1. 1 Tom Goodman February 19, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    Hope you’re getting over the cold. As for Christianity being a “mystery religion” in its earliest form, there’s nothing but conjecture for that–and the conjecture tends to come from folks who’d really like “original” Christianity to be something that better suits them. Considering that the letters we have from the Apostle Paul were written between less than 10 years (Galatians) and 30 years (Romans) from Christ’s death and resurrection, it’s hard to get any more “original” than that.
    I’m intrigued by your research into Wikipedia and other sources about Christianity, but nothing beats reading the source documents for a particular faith. How’s your Bible reading going? Maybe a good question for the blog: ask readers what their favorite books are in the Bible (and why). You might find some good places to jump into the Bible yourself if you’re not already reading it. Enjoying your blog–

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