What a difference a day makes

And how many tissues does it take to get through a cold? I wouldn’t know, I suspect I have bird flu. But I can move my eyes again, so back to the search for God.

I mentioned esoteric Christianity in my last post. I have now discovered that we’ve discovered the limits of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Christianity, at least its index. The word “esoteric” is not present, nor is “mystery,” so I had to consult Wikipedia to find out a bit more about this esoteric business.

Esoteric Christianity” refers to the occult study and the mystic living of the esoteric knowledge related to what adherents view as the “inner teachings” of early Christianity, seen as a Mystery religion. The term is thought by some to be originally associated with the Essenes and, later, the Rosicrucians.

I can’t say much about this because I’m still a little wiped out, but when my concentration returns I’ll tell you how I ended up headed for this particular church.


1 Response to “What a difference a day makes”

  1. 1 Jeannie February 15, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    Hope you feel better Holly!

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