Initial thoughts on the Quakers

I made it to the Quaker meeting this morning, despite poor sleep (a certain gray cat was tearing around the house and warbling at 4 am) and a temperature of 12 below. That’s right; 12 degrees below zero. That’s nowhere near the coldest it can get here in Minnesota, and for January/February it’s about standard. Still, it is not encouraging weather conditions for checking out a new church.

 Anyhoo, I liked it. But I have learned one initial thing about going to Quaker meetings: Don’t go on an empty stomach. Yikes. It’s not like I was the only one who occasionally had a rumbling stomach, because in that kind of a silence you hear everything. But especially toward the end of the meeting, I was making the most noise, and that level of self-consciousnes is neither peaceful nor serene.

More later; today is not only Sunday, it is also the day of the Super Bowl, and if I show up at the party without monster rice krispie treats, I might as well not show up at all.


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