Drive-by witnessing?

VC reader JH sent this story along:

Right before Christmas I was the victim of a “drive by witnessing.” I’m walking along 38th in front of the Cardinal when a beat up Oldsmobile sidles up to me, rolls down the window, and slides the Watch Tower magazine at me. A strange little woman asks if I have “seen this.” Now, I’ve had Jevohah’s at the door before, but never in front of a bar. I was bewildered, so I asked, “are you cruising for pagans now?” The woman was not amused, the Watch Tower slid back in, the window went up, and off they went. I saw them pull up to some other dude just past the BBQ place. True story.

More on this later.


1 Response to “Drive-by witnessing?”

  1. 1 Jeannie January 9, 2007 at 10:26 pm

    That’s amazing! I heard a conference speaker tell the story of having a witnessing tract thrown into her car while she was waiting for a signal light to change. I have to admit though, the prospect of walking up to a stranger to tell them about Jesus is always intimidating. Do you think that “drive-by” evangelism, street witnessing, etc. are at all effective? Or should witnessing happen within the confines of a trusting relationship?

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