Oddball agnostic book club

Agnostic or not, I read a truckload about religion. I’m reading an incredibly illuminating book right now called Constantine’s Sword, the cover image of which has been blatantly stolen from Half.com (best used-book site ever, far better than Amazon marketplace) for your viewing pleasure. Briefly, it’s a book about the roots of anti-Semitism, and the author (a devout Catholic by the name of James Carroll) posits that unfortunately those roots are present in Christianity itself. He takes great pains to explain that he does not mean that to be Christian is to be anti-Judaist or anti-semitic; instead, he says, the twists and turns of the history of the Catholic church have led to a climate in which anti-semitism has flourished.


It’s a tough book but it’s remarkable and eye-opening. Thumbs up, folks. 


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