Back story

Since I haven’t been to church yet, and I’m flying home for Christmas on Sunday so I won’t get there until next week, let’s fill the time by getting to know me a bit better, shall we? Don’t worry, this blog won’t be so relentlessly about me once I start getting to church. I won’t post my New Year’s resolutions or talk about what clever hijinks my soft, fluffy and very intelligent gray cat Birkenstock is up to.

In fact, let’s do this as an FAQ, because those are fun.


Q: Holly, are you an agnostic or an atheist?

A: This is the kind of false choice I get a lot when Christians find out that I’m not a Christian (especially when I’m sitting in a pew next to them at their church). Couldn’t I be a lapsed Catholic or an assimilated Jew or a member of a faith that they’ve never heard of? There are more options than that when someone has the religious sense but is not Christian.


I am not an atheist because I do, in fact, believe in God. I suppose “agnostic” is the best term for me, because I believe without believing that I understand what that means. My guess is that you could be a member of any faith and still have a little agnostic in you. I tend to think that all the religions have some glimpse of the divine that makes sense, but I do get a little irritated when people call me an agnostic, because often they don’t know the difference between an atheist and an agnostic. I once had a boss who relentlessly referred to me as an atheist, thereby managing to simultaneously offend me and demonstrate an embarrassing gap in her vocabulary.


Q: So do you dislike Christians?

A: Ouch! No way! I hope I don’t sound defensive here, but I don’t feel the need to be exactly like someone in order to like them. I like nice people and I steer clear of mean people. Other categories are not the criteria I use.


Q: Do you think you’ll ever be a Christian?

A: I guess that’s what this blog is all about – exploring the commonalities between Christians and non, seeing for myself what happens at different churches that I like and find appalling. And, of course, an ongoing dialogue with you, dear reader, in hopes that we can learn from each other and have some fun while we strike sparks off of each other. I don’t think any outcome is predictable when significant differences sit down at the table and chat each other up. That’s part of the fun!


Q: So are you hoping that people will comment on this blog and be part of the discussion?

A: Boy, that’s a setup question if I ever hear one! Of course I am! Fire away, folks. I’ll be bored out of my gourd if it’s just me talking to me about me here. 


Q: So what are you doing for Christmas?

A: I’ll be flying home (which is in Colorado, the state of my birth and the geography of my heart, even though I think I won’t live there again) on Christmas Eve, so pray for me and my luggage to arrive safely in the same city, preferably the one I bought a ticket for.

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