First thoughts

Welcome! I thought I’d start off with a bit about me. Yes, there’s already a page for that, but that’s the boring biographical stuff. This is to give you an idea of how big a grain of salt you should take with your daily dose of The Visitor’s Card.


I live in Minneapolis and I get myself to church about twice a year when some friend or other suggests it or when I get an itch to check some particular church out. It always gives me a lot to think about and then I don’t do it again for weeks or months. But I never stop doing it, because I do believe in something bigger than myself – or all of us, for that matter – and I know that something can sometimes be found at church. The difference for me is that I sometimes find it at the symphony, or out in the middle of the wilderness when I’m hiking.


So that’s what this blog will be about – where I find that something, how I find it, how I see others finding it, and even an attempt to understand why some people always insist that there’s only one way to find it. I hope you enjoy, and even more than that, I hope you’ll share what you think with me. That’s what the comments are for, people! A one-way conversation is a gigantic bore, and I won’t learn anything without some input from you.


For now, I think I’ll try to get to a different church about every two weeks, because I volunteer on Sundays at a nonprofit called the Women’s Prison Book Project. Check them out if you’ve got time. It’s a great all-volunteer organization and they’re doing a lot of good for the very kind of people Christ would probably have hung out with.


2 Responses to “First thoughts”

  1. 1 FBC Servant December 24, 2006 at 12:34 pm

    Since you are in Minneapolis I hope one of your visits may be to Bethlehem Baptist Church [Pastor John Piper]. I have visited there twice while on business trips and find this a very interesting ministry.

  2. 2 hdolezalek December 30, 2006 at 6:18 am

    Thanks for the tip! I haven’t decided where to go yet on Sunday, so maybe I’ll just start out with Bethlehem. Stay tuned!

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